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Utilizing soil microbes all year long

Published in the August 2013 Issue Published online: Aug 04, 2013
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Results from a 50-year-old agriculture study conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln were released in the May-June issue of the Journal of Environmental Quality, showing the long-term effects of inorganic fertilizer use on soil health. While fertilization did increase soil organic carbon stocks of the tested crop lands over time, the practice failed to enhance soil aggregate stability.

Soil aggregate stability is a key determinant of soil structure and its ability to absorb water and resist erosion.

Research regarding fertilizer's impact on soil structure is a relatively small field, but the few studies that have been conducted suggest reliance on synthetic fertilizers as an unfeasible approach to long-term sustainability. Maintaining the health of soil microbe communities is a major factor that must also be taken into account.

Bio S.I. Technology has developed its scientifically proven proprietary Agriculture and Agriculture Select formulas to address these issues by delivering microbial communities back into the earth to naturally improve soil structure. Bio S.I. Technology offers soil solutions that help rebuild soils that have been depleted over the years.


Soil's Immune System

Healthy soils contain large populations of soil microbes that actively benefit soil health all year long. Like a human's immune system, these healthy bacteria act as a defense against root-based diseases and pests. The conditions they create allow root systems to grow stronger and deeper into the ground. Soils with high concentrations of humus that result from microbial digestion of plant debris improve soils' ability to hold nutrients and water in the rhizosphere. This improves the efficiency of your fertilizer program and water use.

Bio S.I.'s Ag formulas utilize the power of these microbes and enzymes in their Agriculture and Agriculture Select formulas to rebuild soil micro flora naturally. These microbes utilize the carbon from plant and chemical residues. This is how nature recycles nutrients that would remain tied up in undigested plant debris. The Agriculture Select formula takes this process a step further with the inclusion of mycorrhizal fungi, which are symbiotic to root systems by enhancing nutrient uptake outside the rhizosphere. Ag Select is an excellent in-furrow seed inoculant.

Both the Agriculture and Agriculture Select formulas are liquid and designed for direct injection in irrigation systems to maximize application speed during any season. One gallon of the Agriculture formula covers up to eight acres of crops. The Ag Formula should be applied at a rate of 1 pint per acre, with a minimum of 10 gallons of water per acre. The Ag Select may be applied directly over the seed just before covering of spray in a band over the seed. Use 1 pint (16 ounces per row acre). Under extremely dry conditions, formulas can be applied at the same rate, but water should be increased to 30-50 gallons per acre.

Arguably the most important aspects of agribusiness today are crop production, quality and marketability of crops at the highest possible price. Bio S.I. Agriculture and Agriculture Select formulas' broad and diverse spectrum of microbes reduce fertilizer and other chemical costs by maximizing efficiency of their absorption by plant root systems. With chemical additives consistently becoming more costly in price and their effect to the environment, the Agriculture and Agriculture Select formulas maximize the efficiency of fertilizer and water, reducing the environmental impacts of both. Bio S.I. products can be found online, or at select stores nationwide. Agriculture and Agriculture Select formulas are available in quarts, gallons, two-and-a-half gallons, five-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums or 270 totes.

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