Published in the July 2013 Issue Published online: Jul 07, 2013
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AirSepSpudnik Equipment Company continues to introduce new and innovative products to help growers around the world become more efficient. Over the past couple of years, Spudnik has been developing a new air separation system, called an AirSep, to separate vines, corncobs, stones, rocks and clods in both stand-alone applications and integrated into a harvester. Using high-volume air and patent-pending technology, the effective removal of foreign debris has been accomplished with very high accuracy depending on the conditions. This new technology continues to be perfected and refined and is available on a limited basis.

6640 Harvester: This year, the next-generation 6640 Harvester is in its second year of production, providing increased capacity, additional functionality, features and options to increase harvest speed, reduce potato stress and bruising and reduce operator fatigue. The machine design focused on reducing the angles of the chains for smoother feeding and reducing the drop distance in transition areas. An optional rocker shaker in the secondary increases digging speed in heavy soil conditions. The touch-screen operator interface allows the operator to adjust the digging parameters of the harvester based on the conditions, and a single hand joystick operation reduces operator fatigue. Feeding the 6640 Harvester with two 6-row windrowers, digging a total of 16 rows, is the ideal digging solution for high-speed efficient harvesting, loading a 10-wheeler truck in under two minutes.