GDS-7 Potato Sizer

Published in the July 2013 Issue Published online: Jul 07, 2013
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LockwoodThe Lockwood GDS-7 Sizer will sort and size potatoes with 98 percent accuracy. As the rollers are turning on the 84-inch-wide sizing table, potatoes are sized by diameter, not length. This ensures accurate sorting and increases efficiency. The easy-turn crank allows adjustment to the size you need, giving many different sizing options. The GDS-7 is designed to have three different size ranges at a time, starting with 1 1/4-in up to 3 3/4-in.

Other features of the GDS-7 include: Control speed at your finger tips with the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD); lift channels make it easy to maneuver with a forklift, instead of using a tractor; fewer greasable points and moving parts equal less maintenance; adjustable legs allow tilt to aid in production or provide stability on uneven ground.

Lockwood also manufactures potato planters, windrowers and harvesters.

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