Published online: Apr 09, 2013 Irrigation
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Growers and irrigation companies in southwestern Idaho are closely monitoring the water situation and expect supplies to be tight this season. The weather forecast calls for some major storms during the first part of April and farmers hope it's accurate.


"We're looking forward to this weekend; we're supposed to have some good storms coming," said Pioneer Irrigation District Water Superintendent Mark Zirschky.


Because of low snowpack levels and dry weather, Pioneer is anticipating a short water season and with natural flow very low, the district will be turning to storage water early in the season, he said.


"We're encouraging all of our patrons to conserve as much water as possible and only use as much as they have to to get by," Zirschky said.


Water conservation is always a good idea "but this year it's shaping up to be even more important," he added.


If the district is forced to get the majority of its water from storage, "It will be a tight, short season," he added.


SOURCE: Sean Ellis, Capital Press