Senninger 125-degree Goosenecks

Published in the April 2013 Issue Published online: Apr 15, 2013 Irrigation
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Senninger 125-degree GoosenecksTo help increase the wetted area of a center pivot irrigation system while using the same amount of water, Senninger offers unique 125-degree goosenecks. Combined with truss rod hose slings, Senninger's single 125-degree gooseneck provides simple positioning of drops along a center pivot. The 125-degree arch directs the hose toward the truss rod. Senninger's double 125-degree gooseneck offers a simple installation of additional drops along a center pivot to two applicators. The truss rod hose slings support the flexible hose to prevent kinking, while also reducing pattern interruption from colliding streams.

By spreading the same flow over a larger area, impact of the sprinkler pattern on soil surface is reduced, also decreasing surface sealing and water run-off. This larger distribution area eases the rate at which the soil is required to absorb irrigation water. When irrigators utilize these helpful products, they can convert wide-spacing machines to closer drop spacing, reducing, or in some cases, eliminating the need to weld extra outlets.