Pharmgrade Advantage

Published in the April 2013 Issue Published online: Apr 15, 2013
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Pharmgrade AdvantageIDAHO FALLS, Idaho-Pharmgrade, a leader in the development of sustainable agriculture solutions, has been working closely with Idaho potato growers to provide products and nutrient management plans that make significant increases in yields. With the relatively small amount of extra input, potato growers can expect to increase profits and leave their soil in better condition for next year's crop.

The Pharmgrade Advantage consists of a multi-dimensional approach to growing. Pharmgrade supplies pharmaceutical-grade microbes for organic and conventional agriculture. Concentrated humic and fulvic acids aid to establish microbial populations in the soil, then a full spectrum of nutrients and organic matter is delivered to feed and sustain the microbes and the potato plant.

Through the continued use of Pharmgrade products, growers can build their soils year after year and will see a decreased need for excessive amounts of conventional and expensive fertilizer. They will also see a reduced need for excessive irrigation and mechanical soil aeration. Pharmgrade's range of products contain high amounts of humic and fulvic acid, beneficial microbes, nutrients and organic matter.

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