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Published in the April 2013 Issue Published online: Apr 16, 2013 Potato Grower Magazine
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Nufarm Americas, Inc.

Phostrol Agricultural Fungicide: Phostrol is an important tool for managing key field and storage diseases of potatoes. If Phostrol is included in a foliar fungicide program, the harvested potatoes will be protected against infections from late blight and pink rot. Phostrol combined with chlorothalonil will protect vines from late blight as well. Extensive research has established Phostrol as the benchmark product for post-harvest control of late blight and pink rot. A post-harvest application also provides control of silver scurf.

Phostrol is a unique blend of sodium, potassium and ammonium phosphites. The pH neutral formulation mixes easily with other products. Phostrol controls diseases in two ways. It has direct activity on the disease organisms and will significantly reduce spore production. In addition, plant immune mechanisms are stimulated to produce substances that protect against disease infection. This complex mode of action makes Phostrol an outstanding component of fungicide programs targeted at managing disease resistance.

Ultra Flourish: The active ingredient in Ultra Flourish, mefenoxam, moves into the plant from soil or foliar applications. Its systemic mode of action prevents spore production, inhibits mycelial growth of the disease and improves crop health and vigor. Ultra Flourish actively controls Pythium spp. and Phytophthora erythroseptica. It can be applied in combination with liquid fertilizers or saturated into dry fertilizers.

Spirato 480 FS: New from Nufarm, Spirato seed piece treatment is the latest addition to its full line of products for potatoes. It contains a proven active ingredient, fludioxonil, to prevent early-season damage from decay, damping-off and seedling blight caused by seed-borne and soil-borne fungi. Spirato offers the same protection from fungal infections as the leading brand, but delivers a value only Nufarm can.

Agri Tin: Agri Tin provides proven performance against early blight and late blight. It is an important component of fungicide disease resistance programs designed to manage a broad spectrum of diseases by rotating products with different modes of action. Including Agri Tin in the fungicide program will have an added benefit in providing suppression of Colorado potato beetle populations. Agri Tin is available in 4 lb/gal flowable or 80 percent wettable powder formulations of triphenyltin hydroxide.

Nufarm T-Methyl: T-Methyl 4.5 F and T-Methyl 70 WSB contain thiophanate-methyl, which is especially effective at controlling white mold on potatoes, edible beans, canola and soybeans. Thiophanate-methyl will provide systemic curative control of existing disease and effectively protects new growth from subsequent infections.

FMC Corporation

(215) 299-6000

Ranman: Ranman fungicide, a product of FMC Corporation, is a unique mode-of-action fungicide that provides excellent control of pink rot, late blight and tuber blight. A contact fungicide, Ranman is classified as a protectant with anti-sporulation activity and has limited systematic activity. Ranman provides growers with a much-needed novel mode-of-action for resistance management.

Rovral: Rovral fungicide, from FMC Corporation, stops fungi at several phases of development, including spore germination, mycelia growth and spore production. This multi-prong attack provides consistent, reliable disease prevention while reducing the risk of resistance development in future growing seasons. In potatoes, Rovral fungicide controls white mold and early blight with timely treatments to reduce profit-draining outbreaks.

BioWorks, Inc.

(800) 877-9443

T-22 HC: T-22 HC is a preventative, OMRI-listed biological fungicide for control of plant diseases. When applied to seeds, transplants or to soil or planting mixes, the active ingredient (Trichoderma harzianum strain T-22) grows onto plant roots as they develop and provides protection against plant root pathogens such as Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Cylindrocladium and Thielaviopsis. One application protects roots for up to 12 weeks, enhancing nutrient utilization and stress tolerance.

United Phosphorus, Inc. 

(800) 438-6071

Manzate Pro-Stick: Manzate Pro-Stick is a standard preventative treatment for the control of early and late blight in potatoes. Through a patented manufacturing process, the unique formulation of Manzate Pro-Stick technology provides a more consistent delivery of the active ingredient to the treatment area. Small, uniform particles within the formulation break up faster to create a homogenous mixture that remains in suspension longer. Manzate Pro-Stick is distributed better to the leaf surface-allowing long-lasting disease control.

After decades of use, fungal strains have not developed resistance to multi-site Manzate Pro-Stick; an important factor when choosing your fungicide management program. Manzate Pro-Stick also offers users a wide window of application and tank-mix compatibility with other crop protection products. Manzate Pro-Stick belongs to the FRAC classification M3.

Cheminova Inc.

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KOVERALL: KOVERALL Fungicide provides excellent broad-spectrum disease control. No disease resistance has ever been documented. KOVERALL's active ingredient is Mancozeb. In potatoes, KOVERALL is extremely effective on early and late blight, especially when incorporated into an integrated pest management program. In the field, KOVERALL is a flexible tank-mix partner for many other labeled crop protection products. It also works very well as a potato seed-piece treatment to prevent fusarium decay, late blight, seed-borne common scab, Rhizoctonia shoot blight and silver scurf.

Syngenta Crop Protection

Quadris Top: Quadris Top fungicide is a key weapon against several potato diseases for broad-spectrum control, protecting against black dot, brown spot, early blight and powdery mildew. It combines two trusted, industry-leading active ingredients for built-in resistance management.

Revus Top: Revus Top fungicide provides outstanding, broad-spectrum control of early blight and late blight. The two powerful active ingredients combined with the unique action of LOK + FLOTM technology, provide potato growers with superior disease control, even when weather conditions are adverse.

Omega Top MP: Omega Top MP fungicide provides the best option for control of white mold on potatoes, as well as late blight in one product. Plus, it provides maximum control when white mold and blight overlap, giving growers the maximum return on their investment.

Stadium: Stadium fungicide is a new postharvest fungicide used to prevent the spread of silver scurf and Fusarium dry rot on potato tubers in storage. Stadium has multiple modes of action for built-in resistance management as well as efficacy under varied storage conditions.

Arysta LifeScience

EVITO: Arysta LifeScience developed EVITO Fungicide to take the power of strobilurin chemistry to the next level. Using its exclusive Xylem Pro Technology EVITO protects the plant as soon as 15 minutes after treatment. It is fast-acting and rainfast in only 15 minutes and with a concentrated formulation, it means less active ingredients per acre.

Since its founding in 2001, Arysta LifeScience has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry and is currently one of the world's largest privately held agrochemical company. The culture of Arysta LifeScience is based on identifying and satisfying customer needs.

BioSafe Systems, LLC

(888) 237-3088

ZeroTol: Use ZeroTol 2.0 Broad Spectrum Fungicide to control and suppress a broad spectrum of algae and fungi such as Phytophthora, Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Powdery Mildew, Xanthomonas, Botrytis, and Anthracnose in either a curative or preventive program. Applications include pot crops and bedding plants, nursery crops, plugs, cuttings and cut flowers.

Propagation is a critical time when young plants are highly susceptible to disease and stress. The BioSafe Systems' Direct Injection Program featuring ZeroTo 2.0 Broad Spectrum Fungicide provides a "force field" of mist around your plants, treating plant tissue and growing media to eliminate a broad range of pathogens and organisms that cause problems.

Gowan Company, LLC

Gavel 75 DF: Gavel 75 DF's patented synergistic combination of active ingredients Zoxamide and Mancozeb provides excellent control of early blight, late blight and pink rot in potatoes. Gavel 75 DF quickly penetrates the leaf surface, resulting in high retention even after rainfall or irrigation. A broad application window and extensive tank-mix list means Gavel 75 DF fits into any program. The unique mode of action of Zoxamide actually prevents zoospores from forming, effectively stopping infection before it starts. Reduced spore formation means reduced tuber blight risk and increased marketable yield.


(800) 295-0733

Echo Fungicides: Echo Fungicides offer a broad-spectrum of disease control at a down-to-earth price. Echo contains chlorothalonil, the most trusted active ingredient in crop protection for nearly 40 years. And with Echo, resistance has never been a problem. Echo is ideal for tank mixing with newer-chemistry fungicides to manage their potential resistance problems and take care of diseases they don't control. Plus, Echo offers natural weatherability.

Contans WG: Contans WG is a biological fungicide designed to control Sclerotinia diseases such as white mold and stem rot. Contans WG breaks the disease cycle by attacking disease organisms in the soil before they attack plants. Growers appreciate that Contans WG is compatible with many herbicides for one-pass application. They like that they can apply Contans WG through conventional spray equipment or irrigation equipment when they know it's needed-pre-plant, at planting, when soil is disrupted or if they want to harvest residue.


(866) 406-6262

Incognito 4.5F: Incognito is a broad-spectrum fungicide for control of potato diseases along with other crops. It has a proven mode of action in a new formulation that is both effective and economical. The active ingredient thiophanate methyl provides consistent control of yield-robbing diseases in numerous replicated trials and field studies.

MANA Crop Protection recommends strategic fungicide applications as part of an integrated disease management approach that can include crop rotation, planting disease resistant varieties, deep tillage and wide-row spacing. Incognito can be applied alone or in combination with other registered fungicides for enhanced disease protection

Marrone Bio

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Regalia: Add Regalia bio-fungicide to your IPM program for better plant health, better yield and a better bottom line. Regalia induces the plant's defenses, provides bacterial and fungal disease control, delays the development of resistance and helps minimize chemical residues in harvested produce. In short, Regalia is proven to make your protection program better.

Use Regalia as a soil treatment and a foliar spray to control a broad spectrum of pathogens on potatoes. Apply Regalia as an in-furrow spray to control soil diseases like Rhizoctonia and to improve yield. After planting, incorporate Regalia into your foliar spray for improved disease control of early blight, late blight, white mold and other foliar diseases


(800) 682-5368

Quash: Quash is a highly effective, broad-spectrum triazole fungicide containing metconazole, and its registration provides potato growers with an important new tool for resistance management and disease control.

Quash provides excellent control of early blight and other damaging diseases, including white mold, brown spot and black dot. With increasing resistance to strobilurin and SDHI fungicides, Quash provides potato growers with a much-needed new option for resistance management. Quash can be applied to potato by either aerial or ground application.

Presidio: A fast-acting chemistry with a new mode of action, Presidio provides growers with a powerful tool to control tough diseases. In research trials, Presidio provided excellent control of Phytophthora diseases in potatoes, such as late blight and pink rot (including mefenoxam-resistant pink rot).

Presidio also will offer growers a wide application window, tank-mix compatibility, short restricted entry and pre-harvest intervals and both preventive and curative action.

Presidio has been registered for several years in cucurbit and brassica crops, as well as bulb, fruiting, leafy, root and other tuber vegetables with excellent performance against oomycete diseases such as downy mildew and Phytophthora blight.

JH Biotech

(800) 428-3493

Fosphite: Fosphite is a reduced-risk fungicide for use on potato. Fosphite's active ingredient is phosphorus acid, which is toxic to tovarious fungi like phytophthora, pythium and downey mildew. When used in accordance with the label, Fosphite can offer superior protection against these diseases while remaining safe to applicators and the environment.

Benefits also include: excellent control of pink rot and late blight, the low application rate translates into lower cost, it's registered as a "Reduced Risk Pesticide" by the EPA, it's environmentally safe, kills fungi and is non-phytotoxic. It also works as a foliar and soil applied fungicide.

Additional benefits include the ability of phosphate ions to help promote proactive immune systems in potato plants. Fosphite kills the disease on contact and helps boost the plants natural defenses against further infection. Do not use Fosphite in conjunction with copper products.

Bayer CropScience

(866) 99-BAYER

Serenade: Serenade contains a unique, patented strain of Bacillus subtilis that provides over 30 different lipopeptides that work synergistically to destroy disease pathogens and provide superior antimicrobial activity.

Serenade Soil: Serenade Soil is the only fungicide available with a unique mode of action that protects against profit-robbing soil disease on application-and grows with your roots, for an extended disease protection zone and unmatched yield benefits.

Powering today's agricultural revolution for cleaner, safer food through effective low chem pest and disease control products and innovative technologies for sustainable, highly productive farming and a better environment.

Luna Tranquility: The Luna fungicide portfolio has a unique chemistry and systemic mode of action that provides control of some of the most problematic fungal diseases. For potatoes, Luna Tranquility offers the broadest spectrum of disease control on the market while also increasing yield. The product is highly effective broadcast or through chemigation in controlling white mold, black dot, the entire early blight complex, Botrytis and brown spot. Luna's unparalleled efficacy has been proven in years of field trials.


(800) 526-1072

Priaxor: Preliminary research results show that upcoming BASF product Priaxor fungicide has performed well in field research. Priaxor is expected to receive U.S. EPA registration in early 2012.

Field trials have been conducted each year since 2009, and preliminary 2011 data further indicates that Priaxor will provide long-lasting preventative and disease-stopping protection in potatoes.

Potatoes treated with Priaxor showed 17.5 percent less incidence of the early blight than those treated with a current fungicide offering.

The combination of Xemium brand fungicide and the active ingredient in Headline fungicide provides a new level of disease control that will provide healthier plants, higher yield potentials and improved crop quality.