DuPont Evalio AgroSystems

Published in the April 2013 Issue Published online: Apr 15, 2013
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DuPont Evalio AgroSystems is a free pest-monitoring tool that helps detect insect pests. Growers using the system are provided with real-time, in-season information that helps them choose the most appropriate product and spray timing to achieve optimum pest control and maximize yield and quality.

The system, which has been successfully piloted in tomato crops since 2010, uses a network of traps on farms that capture adult pests before they start to reproduce. The data from these traps is used to provide early-warning messages to growers and advisers by SMS, fax or email. Evalio AgroSystems provides growers and advisers with data for key pests in potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, cotton and corn.

Giuseppe Ceparano from DuPont who developed the system says it has the potential to optimize the total number of sprays applied to a crop by improving the timing of application and spraying only when problem pests are present.