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Published in the March 2013 Issue Published online: Mar 22, 2013
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Maz-Zee S.A. International Penatron Soil Conditioner

(800) 775-6123

Penatron Soil Conditioner, which contains many interacting (synergistic) components, has helped increase potato yield and quality for the past 20 years in Idaho and other growing regions.

Penatron is much more than a wetting agent. Its components include enzymes and catalysts to stimulate soil microbial metabolism, natural desert plant-extract wetting agents to reduce water surface tension and cytokinins (growth hormones) to stimulate root growth for better water and nutrient uptake. It also contains colloidal minerals that provide plant nutrients, plant extracts that provide hormones and vitamins that reduce stress due to adverse-environmental growing conditions, and humic and fulvic acids to improve soil physical conditions.

Penatron reduces water use for less pumping expense, improves aeration with improved soil structure to help roots get vital oxygen, stimulates root growth to assist in water and nutrient uptake, increases the availability of soil nutrients, assists in better water infiltration to reduce runoff and erosion, stimulates soil microbial activity to build soil structure, provides essential plant nutrients and reduces clods and dirt at harvest.


Wilbur-Ellis MAX SET MZ

MAX SET MZ is a low-salt index, phosphite-based nutritional product from Wilbur-Ellis Company intended primarily for foliar applications. MAX SET MZ contains manganese and zinc phosphite to improve overall plant vigor and prevent or correct manganese and zinc deficiencies. MAX SET MZ is also compatible with most plant protection products.

MAX SET MZ may be applied as a foliar spray by air, ground concentrate or dilute. Maintain agitation to provide uniform distribution within the spray tank. Use of a high-quality, CPDA-approved spreader, such as R-11, at recommended rates to improve spray cover is usually advised. MAX SET MZ should also be used as part of a comprehensive Total Nutrition System for optimizing plant growth, development, yield and quality.



(877) 687-7448

Fast2Grow is an OMRI-Listed, powerful bio-stimulant derived from a unique proprietary fermentation process, which utilizes naturally occurring complex microbiological combinations. These include bacterial and microbial inoculants, fermented for a prolong period of time using anaerobic conditions, extracted from poultry manure. When applied in small quantities, Fast2Grow enhances plant growth and development and helps to improve efficiency of plant nutrients. Our product's primary effect comes from these microbiological organisms, which are present in our bio-stimulant, and not from its essential plant nutrients content.

Fast2Grow is an all-natural liquid concentrate and must be diluted with water and applied directly to plant foliage. Fast2Grow can be used independently or combined with fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides or fungicides in tank mixtures. It boosts plant resistance to adverse environmental conditions and diseases. Expect significant increases in crop yield and nutritional value. Regular application provides an ecologically friendly way to stimulate and enhance plant growth. Usage rates of supplemental fertilizers can be lowered by up to 30 percent without impacting yield.


Tiger-Sul Micronutrients Tiger-Sul

(800) 239-3647

With Tiger fertilizers, you get improved micronutrient distribution, plus the benefits of Tiger sulfur all in one fertilizer granule. This is unlike traditional micronutrients formulated as high-analysis fertilizers, which may result in poor soil distribution. With Tiger fertilizers Potato Mix formulation, every plant can access sulfur, zinc and manganese resulting in increased potato yield and quality.


Huma Gro Breakout

(800) 961-1220

Huma Gro's plant growth manager, Breakout, complexed with Micro Carbon Technology, is designed to stimulate the natural production of auxin and cytokinin-type hormones within the plant. Additionally Breakout enhances bud initiation, flowering and fruit set through the activation of amino acids, vitamins and phosphorus transportation toward the root and shoots of the plant. When applied to soils, Breakout is an effective fibrous root stimulant-enhancing root mass.

Huma Gro offers optimal growth management with Micro Carbon Technology (MCT), which promotes, through balanced nutrition, the natural production of hormones within the plant for both quick and long-term beneficial response without side effects. Upon applying the plant growth management products, there is an almost immediate response demonstrated by a boost of energy, growth, vigor, rooting and bud formation. Micro Carbon Technology allows optimal management of plant growth by promoting natural (non-synthetic) metabolic production of hormones within the plant itself that are quickly produced and naturally controlled.

Huma Gro products add to your plants' vigor, even late in the season, while helping fight the effects of disease, stress, insects and weather. These benefits combine to make you more efficient, more productive and more profitable at harvest.

Sym-Agro Employ and Myconate

Employ, a biochemical pesticide classified as a plant health regulator, is an entirely unique class of crop production technology. Employ is a highly effective and environmentally sound tool to improve yields and regulate overall plant health. HarpinAB, the active ingredient in Employ, is one of a class of proteins produced in nature by certain bacterial plant pathogens.

The harpin protein binds to a plant's early warning receptors, stimulating the plant to act. The plant responds by sending a signal throughout itself, initiating a sequence of physiological and biochemical reactions. This reaction activates both growth and stress-defense pathways within the plant. Employ can be applied through irrigation systems and is tank-mix compatible with most products.

Myconate is a water-based soil additive. Its unique mode of action is designed to stimulate the colonization of mycorrhizal fungi. Myconate contains a naturally occurring isoflavone called formononetin, a signaling molecule released by plant roots to trigger mycorrhizal spore germination and speed the development of mycorrhizal roots of crop plants.

Myconate increases growth and colonization of roots by beneficial vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal (VAM) fungi, which increases the ability of plants to absorb water and nutrients by increasing the effective absorbing surface area of root systems.

Great Salt Lake Minerals' Sulfate of Potash

(855) 313-3331

Sulfate of Potash, produced by Great Salt Lake Minerals Company, contains the most efficient balance of nutrients to optimize potato yields, quality and storability without a high-salt index and unwanted chloride. Sulfate of Potash is the richest source of low-chloride potassium, providing potassium content of 50 percent K2O and 17 percent sulfur as sulfate.

Research has shown that Sulfate of Potash increases specific gravity over Muriate of Potash, which contains 47 percent chloride. The high chloride level of Muriate of Potash impacts quality and storability. Because it contains only very low levels of chloride, Sulfate of Potash produces potatoes with higher specific gravity levels,, meaning more starch and less water in the harvested crop. That can lessen storage losses due to shrink significantly, and improve processing quality.

Sulfate of Potash is 17 percent sulfur, in readily available sulfate form.


Simplot Avail

(800) 331-6789

Developed in SFP laboratories, Avail has become known as "the most important fertilizer advancement in 30 years." By freeing your phosphorus fertilizer from fixation, Avail's patented technology keeps phosphorus ready and available to your crops when they need it, delivering increased fertilizer performance for optimal yield potential.

Avail phosphorus fertilizer enhancer lasts for an entire growing season, which means that from the time you put your phosphorus fertilizer in the ground, all the way to harvest, it is available to your crop-even when it is applied in the fall.

While the science behind Avail is complex, the idea is really very simple. Avail is a patented technology that surrounds phosphorus fertilizer in a water-soluble "shield." By blocking the bonds of attraction of chemical elements in the soil to the phosphorus, more is available for your crop to utilize.


Simplot NutriSphere-N

Simplot's NutriSphere-N works for you in three exclusive and important ways. First, it erases the effects of urease. Where urease typically encourages volatilization, NutriSphere-N controls urease, keeping it from robbing your nitrogen-or your yield potential.

Secondly, it calls a truce to bacterial warfare. Some soil bacteria work with enzymes to convert nitrogen fertilizer into nitrates that are prone to leaching and volatilization. Others don't. NutriSphere-N selectively inhibits unwanted chemical reactions without turning your growing fields into battle fields.

Lastly, it finds a stable relationship with the plant. Plants can do more with nitrogen in its ammonium form than they can with nitrates. It protects nitrogen in its ammonium state before it gets converted, giving the greatest return on nitrogen fertilizer investment.



(805) 650-8933

BIOMIN is the product of a natural process-with the aid of advanced technologies. Chelation is a natural process. BIOMIN consists of bio-available organic plant nutrients, resulting from the chelation of mineral nutrients, with a blend of chelating agents that contain organic acids. The unique chelation process enables chelated nutrients to be better utilized by plants.

BIOMIN's completely bio-available micronutrients will maximize yield and quality, resulting in economic benefits. Certified for organic use, growers will notice better absorption and easier translocation, the fast correction of mineral nutrient deficiencies, earlier maturity of plants with better production and more resistance to diseases and severe temperatures.


DDP Micronutrients Wolf Trax

(204) 237-9653

DDP Micronutrients represent a significant innovation in micronutrient technology with benefits to producers. The proprietary DDP (Dry Dispersible Powder) Micronutrient technology can be soil-applied as a fertilizer coating, or applied in a foliar or liquid fertilizer application.

When blended with dry fertilizer, DDP Micronutrients coat each and every dry fertilizer prill for more consistent fertilizer blends, even distribution across the field, better access for growing seedlings and earlier plant uptake. The patented Dual Action Formulation delivers immediate availability, as well as extended feeding for more effective uptake. Foliar applications can be timed conveniently to take advantage of other passes over the field.


Nutri-Cal's Nutri-K

(800) 247-2480

Nutri-K liquid potassium is a special formulation of highly soluble potassium, carboxylic acids and carbohydrates. The carboxylic acids and carbohydrates, which are the same complexing agents identified in the formulation of Nutri-Cal, are derived from plant extracts in a patented process. There are no nitrates, chlorides or sulfates. It has a low-salt index and is therefore non-corrosive.

The product works when the T.O.G. complexes the elemental potassium ion, which subsequently allows the ion to be absorbed directly and immediately through the leaf and fruit cell walls.

Nutri-K T.O.G. / liquid potassium complex provides a unique delivery system, which protects the potassium from forming an insoluble compound, enabling more efficient movement of potassium ion to the fruit/vegetable where it is needed most.


BAICOR Starter

(435) 752-2475

Crops respond well to optimum levels of fertilization both in terms of yield and quality. In addition to soil and plant analysis, fertilizer rates are dependent on a number of factors, such as time of harvest, variety, plant population and previous crop. Soil tests, plant tissue analysis and observations of visual deficiency symptoms are important diagnostic tools when problems with micronutrients are suspected.

Starter has been formulated to mix with a Mark-Out blend. When applied in the soil it will generally aid in the uptake of nutrients for the plant. This product is such an easy and feasible way to enhance your crop and increase your yield and profit margin for such a small cost.



(559) 843-2700

Actagro is the leading manufacturer and marketer of organic acid-based products, which are highly effective when used with plant nutrients. These organic acid products are a unique class of plant nutrition products, based on proprietary technologies. Complexed with primary, secondary and micronutrients to formulate specific blends, Actagro products are designed to compliment conventional plant nutrition, and meet the needs of progressive and profitable growers and dealers throughout the United States and other countries.

To enhance fertilization, Actagro's proprietary technology uses the same organic acids that are found in the world's most productive soils. The result is higher yield potential, better quality and a greater return on investment. Healthy soil with nutrients that are actually available and accessible by the plant is ultimately what Actagro strives to provide with products that significantly impact soil chemistry and overall health. Actagro's product line consists of primary nutrients, fungicides, soil amendments, plant stimulants and micronutrients. 


Redox Ag

(208) 678-2610

Redox is a specialty nutrient company, focusing on innovative plant growth technology. Redox incorporates nine distinct types of soluble carbon chemistry with plant nutrients to dramatically improve plant uptake, input efficiency and crop results. These components function by protecting and facilitating nutrient delivery to the plant.