Published online: Mar 12, 2013 Insecticide
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Dow AgroSciences has announced that potato growers in Canada now have access to Closer, a new insecticide with a unique mode of action for the control of aphids. Aphids transmit viruses and can reduce marketable yield. Aphid control is particularly critical in potato seed production where the tolerance for total virus levels is extremely low. Canada's regulatory authorities have approved Closer for the control of several important species of aphids in potato crops.


The active ingredient in Closer is Sulfoxaflor, the first insecticidal molecule to be commercialized from a new class of insecticides called sulfoximines. Effective at low use rates, Closer is very fast acting and provides extended residual control. According to Dow AgroSciences, Closer provides excellent systemic and translaminar activity, ensuring control of hidden pests in the plant canopy and on the undersides of leaves. The company says Sulfoxaflor is effective on insect populations resistant to other insecticide classes such as neonicotinoids, organophosphates and pyrethroids, and will be a valuable rotational partner with other chemistries.


SOURCE: Spud Smart