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WASHINGTON, D.C.-With the FDA's release of its proposed Produce Safety rule and Preventive Controls for Human Food rule under the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA), United Fresh has launched a rigorous and deliberate review process, involving the expertise of food safety experts and industry stakeholders.


"United Fresh is pleased that FDA has published the draft rules and look forward to working with all stakeholders to conduct a thorough review," said Dr. David Gombas, senior vice president, food safety & technology. "We will work closely with members across the produce industry, leading food safety scientists, other stakeholders and the FDA to ensure the proposed rules are practical and effective for enhancing produce food safety."


Signed into law by President Obama in 2011, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act brings sweeping changes for the entire food chain.


"United Fresh Produce Association has been among the most vocal supporters of comprehensive modernization of the food safety system in the United States, working with members of Congress and the Bush and Obama Administrations, and testifying before House and Senate committees more than 10 times to advance improved food safety for fresh produce," said Ray Gilmer, vice president of issues management & communications. "We will be analyzing the proposed rules to ensure that they draw upon the principles we have supported throughout the development of the FSMA. The proposed rules must be: 1) commodity-specific, based on best available science; 2) risk-based; 3) consistent no matter where produce is grown or packaged, in the U.S. or imported, large or small operations; and 4) flexible to allow for advances in science and production technology. We are committed to ensuring that those critical provisions, and others, will be integrated into the final rules going forward."