The Seasons of Linda:

Now is the time to "Nurture Me"

Published in the January 2013 Issue Published online: Jan 25, 2013
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The Seasons of Linda is the new approach the USPB Domestic Marketing program developed to connect with Linda (target audience of women, 25-54 with kids under 18 at home) on a more emotional level. These seasons are based on lifestyle-what's going in her life during certain periods of the year-and on emotion-how she feels about food, cooking and potatoes during these times.

The Season just entered is themed "Nurture Me," and the time frame to which it's applied is January through March. What's unique about this season is that the last two months of Linda's life were filled with obligations. Now, she's ready to nest with her family. The pace of life has slowed down momentarily, so she has time to focus on her own physical and emotional wellness-something she's neglected to do for the past four months because of other priorities. In her home, she's taking down the holiday decorations and cleaning out closets. In her mind, she's contemplating joining a yoga studio and starting a new diet.

Potatoes can play a unique, even special, role in Linda's life during this season. At 5 p.m., the sky is dark and there could be snow falling, but potatoes create a warm dinnertime glow in the kitchen. At no other time in the year does "mom" seem so special because of her ability to bring happiness and comfort to the dinner table with creamy potato soups, family-favorite casseroles, as well as baked and roasted goodness. What she doesn't tell her family is that because of the potato's natural nutrition and weight management benefits, she's happy to serve potato classics that have been lightened up by using ingredients that enhance the nutritional profile of the recipes.

During this season, the USPB will publicize a new "Soup's On" recipe series, which will showcase a wide range of healthy, satiating and delicious soups. They will launch the season's news bureau with a potassium-themed press release during Heart Health Month (February) to remind consumers a diet low in sodium and rich in potassium has been shown to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke, and potatoes are the best, most affordable source of potassium in the produce section. Additionally, USPB will also partner with a "mom" media registered dietitian who will be a featured speaker on a Facebook chat and may also be the spokesperson during a National Nutrition Month broadcast media tour.

New ad executions were developed and will be reaching Linda in key print (i.e. Cooking Light, Taste of Home, Better Homes & Gardens) and online sources ( and when she is seeking nourishing meal ideas.

At retail, "Nurture Me" assets will be incorporated into the State of the Potato Category e-newsletter, Industry Training webinars and in retail program materials. This way, retailers and industry members can collaborate in this program's efforts to reach Linda through additional in-store and supplier led efforts.

"With a year's worth of strategically driven, integrated activities," explained Meredith Myers, USPB public relations manager, "our aim is to create inspired seasonal messaging aligned across all marketing channels to drive Linda's consumption of potatoes."

If industry members are interested in integrating any of these tactics with their own marketing initiative, or if they are in need photography, recipes or other support materials, contact