Fast Track Program Has Eight Promising Chip-Stock Varieties

Published in the January 2013 Issue Published online: Jan 23, 2013
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Approximately 76,000 cwt, or 150 truckloads, of eight promising chip-stock varieties were produced from the United States Potato Board (USPB) Fast-Track Program for process testing possibilities.

With this much material in 2012, a shipping plan was compiled and distributed to all cooperators, detailing 38 different process tests to be done at 13 different chip manufacturing locations. Each of the 11 different processing cooperators has the opportunity to see and test at least two different varieties. And in some cases where supply is in closer proximity, cooperators will be able to experience up to as many as five different varieties.

Fall 2012 kicked off with two of these new varieties being shipped and processed. Bob Jackson from Hoople, N.D., shipped ND7519-1 to Barrel O' Fun in Perham, Minn. Reports from the grower on this variety were positive, mentioning heavy set, smaller size and comparable yield to Dakota Pearl. Bill Walker of Gold Dust Potatoes in Merrill, Ore., shipped Tundra (previously W 2310-1) to Shearer's Foods, Inc. in Hermiston, Ore. Gold Dust reported field yield and quality were satisfactory and comparable to Dakota Pearl.

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