Pace International GREENr Biox

Published in the December 2012 Issue Published online: Dec 08, 2012
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GREENr BioxThe GREENr Biox family of sprout suppression products is a highly advanced and natural solution to reduce the use of CIPC and maintain tuber quality for the fresh market.

Biox is comprised of specialized liquid formulations of 100 percent organic approved Clove Oil (Eugenol) and liquid concentrate CIPC for use in line-spray or ecoFOG (thermofogging) applications to effectively suppress buds and sprouts in stored potatoes.

Biox solutions have been intelligently designed with safer, lower levels of active ingredient that work synergistically without decreasing its effectiveness for superior short-, mid- and long-term potato sprout control.

Biox family of products include:

Biox-COMBO, a lower concentrated CIPC liquid formulation combined with clove oil to create a solution that has decreased toxicity for use in thermofogging.

Biox-C (organic), an organic clove oil formulated for ecoFOG thermofogging.

Biox-15EC (organic) and Biox-40EC, products are used for line spray application.

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