Published online: Sep 05, 2012 Insecticide, Fungicide
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Web Exclusive

A new potato alert was posted to

"Potato psyllids continue to be found on yellow sticky cards across several sites being monitored by the University of Idaho. Two sites (one in Twin Falls County and one in Jerome County) continue to show relatively high numbers compared to the previous week. For the first time this year, nymphs and eggs were found in UI-sampled fields (one nymph in each of two fields and six eggs in one of these fields). One potato psyllid was found in the UI sampling network in Canyon County this week (the second of the year; some psyllids had been found in this county by crop consultants over much of the summer). No potato psyllids have been found in eastern Idaho since the week of July 23. A portion of the psyllids collected in previous weeks continues to test positive for liberibacter, the causal agent of ZC. See the link below to view a table that details where (by county) and when potato psyllids and liberibacter have been found so far during this season in Idaho.

"Continued scouting for psyllids and disease symptoms are strongly encouraged. Refer to the sites below for guidance on scouting and IPM programs for potato psyllids and to view trap captures in Idaho so far over the season."

To view the full alert, and to download any attached files, please go to