Published online: Aug 22, 2012 Potato Storage, Potato Harvesting, Irrigation
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The severe drought in the central U.S. has consumers concerned about skyrocketing food prices due to crop shortages and the subsequent "trickle down" effect it's already having on the price of meats and dairy. According to U.S. potato growers, the drought has not affected potatoes.

"Potato harvest has begun and the supply will be good," says Sid Staunton, chairman of the U.S. Potato Board, representing the 2,500 potato growers in the U.S. "That means, even during times of uncertain food costs, you can continue to count on potatoes being the best nutritional value in the produce department."

Potatoes have been and will remain the largest and most affordable source of potassium of any vegetable or fruit. In fact, research released in September 2011 demonstrates that potatoes are one of the best nutritional values in the produce department, providing significantly better nutritional value per dollar than most other raw vegetables.

SOURCE: United States Potato Board