Toro AquaFlow 3.0 Drip Irrigation System Design Software

Published in the August 2012 Issue Published online: Aug 08, 2012
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ToroEL CAJON, Calif.-Toro announces AquaFlow 3.0, the company's newest drip irrigation system design software, is now available for user registration and download. AquaFlow 3.0 provides irrigation designers with the functionality of previous Toro software programs, and more.

AquaFlow 3.0 provides designers with a state-of-the-art tool to configure drip irrigation systems for optimum performance using Toro's Aqua-Traxx and Aqua-Traxx PC drip tape, as well as BlueLine Classic and BlueLine PC dripline. Some of the features of the new software include:

 Unique dashboard format with tiled graphs

 Easy comparison of two different lateral selections

 Pull-down menus for easy viewing

 Multiple slopes in both the lateral and mainline programs

 Choice of multiple sub-main and mainline pipe types and sizes

 Lateral and sub-main flushing calculations