STC Trailers

Published in the August 2012 Issue Published online: Aug 12, 2012
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STC TRAILERSTC Trailers was established in 2007 to build quality products and provide excellent service to people who need self-unloading trailers.

The minds behind STC Trailers are people who have many years experience in the business of commodity transportation with the need of self-unloading trailers. With years of hands-on experience, they know what works and have great confidence in their products.

STC builds trailers that come standard as a two-axle, 42-foot x 96-inch and a 30-inch belt, and a three-axle, 50-foot x 96-inch with a 30-inch belt. They also build to meet different specifications, and they offer PTO or electrical unloading option as standard equipment. They are happy to build a trailer specific to your operating needs, whether a full-swinging door or a flip-down tailgate. STC trailers have been tried and tested in various conditions and have a reputation of quality and durability.