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Published in the July 2012 Issue Published online: Jul 12, 2012
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Lockwood 674 Harvester: The Lockwood 674 Harvester is able to handle high volumes of potatoes, while efficiently removing vines and dirt for cleaner bruise-free loads. This lightweight harvester has improved flotation, industry leading visibility and multiple cleaning table options to handle all digging conditions.

The 674 Harvester comes equipped with two Crary 10-inch fans that provide a balanced air flow. This dual blower system allows for optimized air distribution, which keeps trash and vines moving through the machine and helps clean the potatoes more efficiently.

The easy-to-use joystick provides the operator the ability to quickly manipulate the nose height, booms and other controls without looking away from the field. The joystick comes with six buttons that provide access to multiple functions found on the control box.

When the 674 digger nose comes in contact with a large rock, the digger nose will retract and rise up, and over the rock. This helps minimize damage to the digger nose, allowing for more harvesting time and less down time.


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Self-Propelled Potato Harvester: Washington Equipment Manufacturing Company, located in Spokane, Wash., introduces its exclusive Self-Propelled Potato Harvester (SPH), a product that yields excellence in both engineering and craftsmanship.

The WEMCO SPH incorporates input from hundreds of growers and countless hours spent in the field researching ways to maximize the value of harvest. WEMCO places the industry's most advanced and efficient digging, cleaning and loading operating controls at the grower's fingertips. The result: a more efficient, productive and profitable harvest.

The operator easily controls every phase of the harvest from inside the climate-controlled cab. Growers continually experience productivity increases up to 30 percent by implementing the SPH. With efficiency comes productivity and productivity yields profitability. There is no profit in wasted motion, and WEMCO engineers kept this in mind when designing the SPH.

With a four-mode steering system, the SPH can get into, around and through a field with precision, control and speed. A faster, virtually bruise-free conveyor process enables growers to gather and preserve more of their valuable crops.



880 Piler: For 2012, the model 880 Piler has been introduced. It is the first 48-inch-wide piler designed exclusively for piling potatoes. This machine was developed and tested in 2011 and is in the production phase in 2012. In order to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for higher storage capacities, the new 880 Piler coupled with the 42-inch-wide conveyors introduced last year improves storage capability by 15 percent.

Even Flow Bin model 1860: A new Even Flow Bin model 1860 was also developed and tested last year and is currently in production to support the 42-inch conveyors and the model 880 Piler. The Even Flow Bin incorporates a 60-inch-wide elevator belt, allowing the staging of four Bulk Beds for rapid unloading. With a 48-inch-wide bin discharge belt can keep the 42-inch conveyor line full. Utilizing two 12-foot-long Pup Conveyors on the Even Flow Bin, the longer reach of the Pup allows for the staging of four Bulk Beds to keep the elevator full and maximize the unloading efficiency at the storage.

6640 Harvester: The 6640 Harvester is in full production this year after undergoing extensive prototyping in 2011 and is the premier potato harvester in the industry. Offering unparalleled dirt cleaning functions in the industry, the 6640 Harvester improves harvest efficiency while still gently cleaning and delivering the potato into the Bulk Bed. Combined with the new CCI electronic touch screen operator interface and the joystick control, the machine is easy to operate and allows the operator to automate some functions. The swinging boom option reduces the stress of loading trucks by allowing the operator to swing the boom forward and back 10 feet, filling the truck as needed.

Kerian Machines


Kerian Sizer: The Kerian Sizer uses a single set of rotating rollers that gradually separate as they gently carry the potatoes forward. The potatoes are thus sized accurately and consistently by diameter. The roller spacing is set by a pair of precisely machined spiral drives with increasing pitch along the length of the sizer. The extreme accuracy of the roller spacing allows precise separation of both long and round potatoes by minimum diameter, with quick adjustment possible by sliding a divider separating sizes. The Kerian Sizer comes in 13 standard models, offering each grower a maximum value and a machine perfectly suited to their capacity and number of sizes.

Double L


859 2-Row Potato Harvester: Although the Double L 859 2-Row Potato Harvester has been around before, this model has been redesigned down to the frame. Its new design resembles and even rivals that of high-end four-row harvesters. Rather than standard C-Channel, the 859 is constructed of heavy-duty structural tubing. Its 42-inch side elevator bolts together, making it easier to ship or repair the machine. The side elevator also uses Double L's S-Drive technology. Rather than pulling belted chain from the end of the side elevator and causing a longer drop, the 859 pulls from underneath, resulting in a smoother transition from the elevator to the cleaning table.

951 4-Row Windrower: The Double L 951 4-Row Windrower does everything a grower needs short of loading potatoes into the truck. The 951 Windrower's improved design allows for easier operation, service and maintenance. Its floating pull-style digger bed provides exceptional rock protection. The 951 has been designed with more clearance over the digger bed. The added clearance reduces the likelihood of vines or weeds clogging the digger bed.

The 951 offers the best cleaning capacity in a windrower. Its longer secondary and devine chains allow for better soil and vine removal. From the tractor, the operator can raise the rear axle, increasing the angle of the secondary for even more aggressive soil removal.

978 Collector: Each Double L 978 Collector is engineered to the grower's request. This collaboration with potato growers has given rise to many innovations. The chain system on Double L collectors can be driven by hydraulic or variable frequency drives. The cleaning and sizing roll tables can be hydraulically adjusted to allow more dirt and tare to pass through. Cleaning can begin as potatoes are unloaded into a roll table in the hopper bowl. For the best cleaning ability, the 978 collector can be equipped with Double L's 70-inch Galaxy table. This includes up to 14 shafts of polyurethane fingers that sweep away vines, dirt and mud.