New Fertilizer Plant Open in Maine

Published in the June 2012 Issue Published online: Jun 10, 2012
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FORT FAIRFIELD, Maine-Cavendish Agri Services' new $5.7 million (USD) fertilizer plant and mixing system in Fort Fairfield, Maine, is now officially in business to service growers in Maine and New Brunswick.

The Fort Fairfield plant is the first fertilizer plant to be built in Maine in many decades and one of the largest in New England. The process equipment-called Declining Weight Blend System-delivers unsurpassed accuracy and blending speeds. Compared to older plants, it will dramatically reduce the time required to fill a typical 16-ton farm truck from 35 minutes to four minutes. The plant is equipped to source raw materials used to blend the fertilizer products from suppliers worldwide.

Its current supply chain spans North America with suppliers in New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and New Mexico.