EPA Registers Blocker

Published in the June 2012 Issue Published online: Jun 10, 2012
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blockerBlocker Soil Fungicide has received registration from the U.S. EPA for in-furrow application control of stem canker/black scurf (Rhizoctonia solani), as well as suppression of common scab and black dot disease in potatoes.

Blocker, powered by the active ingredient Pentachloronitrobenzene (PCNB), has proven to be consistent and excellent in controlling Rhizoctonia disease. It is available in two formulations-Blocker 4F and Blocker 10G-to provide a diversity of use rates and application convenience. Its tank-mix compatibility offers added efficacy and flexibility to a disease control program.

Ask your ag retailer about Blocker fungicide or visit www.amvac-chemical.com.