Published online: Jun 26, 2012 Potato Harvesting, Fertilizer
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Web Exclusive
Invitation to Cibus Canola Field Day:
What: 40 acres of Cibus Canola with resistance to herbicide (Generic form of Harmony Extra)
Where: Koompin Farms on Lake Channel Road, southwest of American Falls
When: Wednesday, June 27, 2 p.m.

This canola was developed with the same RTDS technology being used by Cibus and NEU Seed to develop new traits in Russet Burbank potatoes. This method of trait development is not GMO. It is not regulated and no labeling is required. It is classified the same as many other crops developed by older methods of mutagenesis, such as Clearfield Wheat and seedless watermelons. RTDS is a smart breeding tool that uses the plants own gene repair system to create pinpoint specific changes to create the desired change in the plant, without the unintended consequences of old transgenic GMO technology.

This field day is being held after the Weed tour that morning at the University of Idaho Aberdeen Experiment Station.

Directions: From Highway 39, just west of the American Falls Dam, turn south onto Lamb-Weston Road. Within a few hundred feet turn left onto Lake Channel Road. Follow Lake Channel Road approximately 10 miles to the 40 acre pivot on the left. The field is just past the intersection with Quigley Road, (although I didn't see a road sign on Quigley Road). If you get lost please give me a call at 243-1824. You can also call Kamren Koompin at 244-2503. The map link below may be of help.