BioSafe Systems Herbicide

Published in the May 2012 Issue Published online: May 10, 2012 Tyler J. Baum, Editor
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AXXE Broad Spectrum HerbicideNEW AXXE: BioSafe Systems introduces AXXE Broad Spectrum Herbicide. AXXE is formulated as an herbicidal soap-utilizing ammonium nonanoate. This active ingredient is NOP-compliant and OMRI-listed for use in organic production. AXXE is formulated as a liquid concentrate that is mixed with water and is powerful, effective and economical for control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds, as well as mosses, liverworts and lichens.

Made of natural fatty acids, AXXE works by removing, or "burning," the waxy cuticle of green vegetation, and will not move through soil to injure nearby plants. AXXE works within hours of application, produces no residue and is available in commercial and retail formulations. AXXE is available in five-, 30-, 55- and 275-gallon sizes.