Published online: Apr 28, 2012 Potato Storage, Potato Harvesting, Seed Potatoes
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Maria Cantwell, Senator of the State of Washington is pushing to get more northwest potatoes sold to Mexico; a market that has the potential to bring in millions for the industry.

This week, Senator Cantwell asked a U.S. Trade Representative about what's being done to break into the Mexican market. Cantwell is pushing to increase potato exports to Mexico, which could turn pesos into major dollar signs for local potato growers. Potatoes are big business, but they could be a much bigger business here in Washington if they could be sold to all of Mexico.

"We've been very aggressive at getting Northwest product into that country," said Cantwell.

Right now fresh potatoes can only make it 16 miles past the border, but the U.S. government is now pushing for full access. Even with the 16-mile law, Mexico is the second-largest buyer of fresh U.S. potatoes. Estimates are that full access to their market would raise the U.S. potato export market from $24 million to $100 million dollars in the next five years.