Published online: Dec 12, 2011 Seed Potatoes
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USPB revised the original guidelines to create a new set of regulations that ensures PGUNS is used in an approved manner as a nutritional message and clearly prohibit its use as the dominant image on any potato bags or cartons. Logistically, this system is created to protect the use of our trademark and be fair, straightforward and simple. The main action points to note to get you moving through the new process are as follows:

           All grower/packer/shippers, who want to use PGUNS, and all packaging manufacturers who will produce packaging with PGUNS in the design, must be licensed by the USPB to use PGUNS and follow the requirements for its use.  
           o   ACTION: Simply fill out the applicable attached License Agreement and submit it to the USPB. Soon, you may also download them from

 ·         Each design for the use of PGUNS on potato products for sale and point of sale materials at retail and foodservice must be approved for use prior to production.
           o   ACTION: Once you've received your approved License Agreement to use PGUNS, fill out and submit the Design Application Form (attached).  Ensure art files accompany application.

·         After the USPB staff reviews the submitted creative, the Trademark Review Committee will review; ensuring every proposed design is in compliance with the new regulations.
          o   ACTION:  Submit your Design Application as soon as possible to allow the review process a maximum of 10 working days to complete the review.

·         Maximum size for PGUNS has been established as 2.5 inches for bags of 10 lbs or smaller, 3.5 inches for bags larger than 10 lbs and 4 inches on 50-lb cartons. If a holding device is used to highlight PGUNS, the maximum width is measured from the outside edges of the holding device.
           o   ACTION:  Measure the actual size of PGUNS before design submission to ensure it meets the maximum size limit to speed along the design approval process.

·         Existing uses of PGUNS will be granted "grandfathered" approval if submitted by June 1, 2012. If the grandfathered design does not comply with the new regulations, the design owner is required to replace the old design with a new design that complies with the new regulations when either the design is revised for any reason, or the printing plate requires replacement. 
          o   ACTION:  Submit a License Agreement and a Design Application by June 1, 2012.

Please join USPB at the EXPO on January 6 at 12:30 as it reviews these new regulations and answers your questions. The USPB wants PGUNS to be used by the industry, but it also needs to ensure compliance.