KBFD Introduces Fingerling Amarosa

Published in the December 2011 Issue Published online: Dec 07, 2011
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Klamath Basin Fresh Direct, a cooperative of family farms specializing in high-quality organic potatoes, has recently come out with a new variety called the Amarosa.

Hollis Baley, Marketing Manager at Klamath Basin Fresh Direct, describes the new fingerling potato as a creamy, versatile potato. It has an attractive color with a deep red exterior and flesh, and its composition makes it ideal for roasting, mashing, frying and baking. It also retains a sweet flavor profile-something which is rare among potatoes with rich color.

The new potato was developed by the Tri-State potato breeding program which is a joint program between the potato commissions of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. The aim of the partnership is to promote new varieties of potatoes.

The Amarosa, along with all of Klamath Basin Fresh Direct's potatoes, is grown in the Klamath Basin, a drainage basin of the Klamath River straddling the border between Oregon and California.

The new potato is currently available in bulk, and Klamath Basin Fresh Direct will soon come out with a 1.5 lb bag for retail. Availability will continue through March 2012.