Guardian Ozone

Published in the December 2011 Issue Published online: Dec 08, 2011
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Guardian's Ensure-FS ozone gas fumigation and ozonated water wash systems, featuring industry-leading Plasma Block ozone generators, provides direct quality improvements to your potatoes proven to increase revenues by dramatically reducing rejected product back to the grower/packer. In addition, the systems also reduce or eliminate the need for reliance on caustic and expensive chemicals.

Ensure-FS fumigation and Ensure-ATS antimicrobial treatment wash systems provide additional "treatment" insurance to protect your potato investment. From surface-borne bacteria and mold control in storage to ozone wash prior to packing, ozone effectively controls spoilage and extends product shelf life.

Guardian's Ensure-FS systems have the capability to remotely monitor and control (worldwide) the ozone levels in your potato storage pile. This capability provides immediate feedback (anywhere you are physically located) that the ozone levels are at the set point, continuously treating your valuable product. Systems can also be configured for data logging of ozone levels for those customers requiring ozone dosing over the duration of storage.

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