Published online: Nov 11, 2011 Potato Harvesting, Seed Potatoes
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Today the USDA published figures on the U.S. potato production in their report "Crop Production."

Here is the summary on potatoes:

United States Fall Potato production

Production of fall potatoes for 2011 is forecast at 385 million cwt, up 5 percent from last year.

Area harvested, at 938,500 acres, is slightly above the Sept. 1 forecast and 6 percent above the 2010 estimate. The average yield forecast, at 410 cwt per acre, is down 6 cwt per acre from last year's yield.

In Idaho, yields are good despite a cool, wet spring that delayed emergence. If realized, the yield will be the second highest on record.

In Maine, growers were challenged by persistent wet conditions that delayed planting, washed out fields and delayed harvest.

In Washington, harvesting conditions were favorable; however, yields from early digs were lower than last year due to immaturity.

United States Potato production of All Seasons:

Total United States potato production in 2011 from all seasons is forecast at 424 million cwt, 5 percent above 2010.

Harvested area, at 1.07 million acres, is virtually unchanged from the September forecast but up 7 percent from last year. Average yield is forecast at 395 cwt per acre, down 6 cwt per acre from the previous year.

We plan to highlight some of these data in Friday's weekly PotatoPro Newsletter, but we wanted to provide you already with the key data and a link to the full report.

SOURCE: USDA NASS report "Crop Production"