Published online: Nov 30, 2011 Potato Harvesting, Seed Potatoes
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Statistics Canada has published the preliminary production estimates for the 2011 potato crop in Canada. The Canadian potato production is estimated at 92,653,000 cwt (4, 202, 740 tons).

This is down 4 percent from last year's revised production.

The decreased production was mainly due to decreased yields.

The 2011 yield was estimated to be 266.1 cwt per acre (29.83 tons per hectare) which is down 6 percent from 2010.

Area planted was set at 361,100 acres (146, 137 hectares), up 1 percent from 2010 and area harvested at 348,200 acres (140, 917 hectares) up 2 percent.

Ontario experienced the greatest decrease from the previous year with yields down 19 percent, while New Brunswick yields were down 17 percent.

British Columbia showed the greatest increase from last year, up 68 percent, as they returned to a more normal harvest season after a very difficult fall in 2010.

For the third year in a row, the value of the Canadian potato crop broke the billion dollar mark to come in at $1.1 billion, unchanged from the previous year's crop. The average value on all potatoes sold, consumed, seeded or fed to livestock was $11.58 per cwt ($255.19 per ton), compared to $11.27 per cwt ($248.40 per ton) the previous year.

Review the report for detailed data by province and year. The report also includes data from the United States and Mexico, though for Mexico no estimates for the 2011 potato production are included.

SOURCE: Canadian Potato Production November 2011