Alliance Supermarket Labels

Published in the November 2011 Issue Published online: Nov 07, 2011
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A full line of stock and custom thermal image printing labels for use with all popular supermarket and retail printing scales is being introduced by Alliance Scale, Inc. of Canton, Mass.

Alliance Supermarket & Retail Labels are fully compliant with FDA indirect food contact requirements and are designed to provide high-image sensitivity at low-energy settings to extend the life of thermal printing scales. They are offered in blank and pre-printed styles and can be custom designed for use with virtually all major printing scales such as Hobart and Toledo.

Featuring a bright, white face for reproducing sharp barcodes and easily readable small fonts, Alliance Supermarket & Retail Labels are fade resistant to blood, fats, solvents and water. Available in standard and custom sizes ranging from 2.1 inches up, with 19 stock colors and unlimited custom colors, multiple adhesives are offered for a variety of applications.

Alliance Supermarket & Retail Labels are priced according to format, quantity and other customer requirements. Samples are available upon request.