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Web Exclusive

RedLine Solutions presents its September Webinar: PTI Automation-Vision in the Packing Shed, to be broadcast Wednesday, Sept. 28, 12-1 p.m. MDT.

RedLine Solutions has been working with leading companies to automate Fresh Produce operations for over a decade. This webinar will offer you practical solutions on how to automate your packing shed to help you meet PTI Compliance, including how you can use a Vision System to identify carton contents for in-line print and apply on the packing line.

This session will cover what is required for a Packer Shipper to achieve PTI-compliant traceability for shed-packed product. By attending you will learn:
*What is required for PTI compliance?
*How to automate your packing shed for PTI compliance.
*The challenges and solutions for PTI compliance for shed-packed product.
*Using Vision Systems to identify carton contents of product on the packing line.
*An overview of RedLine Packing, the latest solution in our Whole Chain Traceability Suite.

Click here for more details and registration: Space is limited.