Increasing Demand

LRP Program Highlights for This Year

Published in the September 2011 Issue Published online: Sep 05, 2011 Tim O'Conner, USPB CEO
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The United States Potato Board's (USPB's) mission is to increase demand for potatoes. We accomplish that mission by developing a Long Range Plan (LRP), from extensive industry input, that establishes the most impacting things the USPB can do to increase demand. Annual budgets and tactics are created to implement the objectives of the LRP, with each year building on what was achieved in the prior year. As we begin a new LRP and fiscal year, here are some highlights of the programs the USPB is conducting this year:



 Deliver positive messages about U.S. potatoes in all export markets

 Stimulate new items and new menu applications made with U.S. frozen potato products

 Utilize the "Why Buy U.S." program, created through extensive research, to educate foreign buyers that U.S. frozen potato products are their best investment



 Enable growers/suppliers/retailers to respond to consumers and customers by delivering key business information through State of the Potato Category reports, research results, market data and webinar trainings

 Conduct Retail Outreach presentations for 20 U.S. retail chains

 Identify and document retail management strategies and programs that increase sales through

1) Best-in-class program implemented in three chains

2) Best-practice partners implemented in three chains

3) Test-and-learn partners

4) Conducting promotions in export markets

5) Send U.S. chip-stock samples to foreign chip processors

6) Plant U.S. seed variety trials in targeted export markets


Nutrition Campaign:

 Keep potato nutrition and potato benefits in front of consumers

 Publicize the positive results of the weight management study that proves potatoes can be included in weight loss programs

 Submit research for publication to American Dietetic Association that documents potatoes nutrient density and affordable nutrition delivery to consumers

 Provide quick and appropriate responses to issues that arise



Drive new menu items with chefs from the top 350 restaurant chains



 Deliver technical knowledge and information about U.S. dehy to foreign buyers, potential dehy users and support for U.S. dehy importers and distributors

 Increase U.S. dehy usage in Food Aid programs through demonstration projects and one-on-one meetings with PVO groups


Demand for potatoes will increase as we successfully implement these programs.