Published online: Aug 25, 2011 Potato Storage, Potato Harvesting, Seed Potatoes
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Web Exclusive

The final Fiscal Year 2011 (FY11-July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011) full-year report for the USPB's online nutrition campaign is attached following this story. The USPB is pleased to report some stand out successes, along with insights we have already used to enhance the FY12 plan currently in motion.


Topline Results and Successes

*The FY11 campaign was highly successful, building upon momentum from FY10

*0.26 percent Click-Through Rate (CTR) is nearly triple the industry benchmark of 0.10 percent.

*As performance metrics stabilized following the FY10 launch of the "Transform Potatoes" campaign, a lowering in CTR is common. Like the majority of online campaigns, awareness and clicks spike at the onset of a launch and then settle into lower but more stable metrics as the campaign progresses past its infancy.

*Engagement within the Transform Potatoes micro site significantly outperformed FY10 metrics:

*3.47 page views vs. 2.63 page views in FY10

*3:01 minutes spent on site per visit vs. 2:49 in FY10

*Health-focused and occasion-related channels tend to perform best for the Transform *Potatoes campaign, most likely due to an optimal consumer mindset.

*Recipe creative was highly successful on epicurean sites and maintained consistent performance throughout the FY11 campaign

*Weight Watchers' health-specific messaging drove highly successful results in both test mode (November) and optimized mode (January)

*All FY10-11 sites were successful partners and are recommended as part of the FY12 plan


Implications Incorporated into FY12

*FY12 plan is expanded to new site platforms in order to continue reaching fresh audiences and build reach across the "Linda" target

*FY12 plan focuses heavily on channel sponsorships and genre-specific placements (i.e., healthy eating, potato keyword searches, side dish channels, grilling/BBQ channels) in order to align with the strongest editorial relevancies and reaches "Linda" in the best possible meal-planning mindset

*Increased monthly impression weight in FY12 will help drive the strongest connections between "Linda" and the overall message, encouraging high CTR and subsequent post-click engagement on the landing page

*Better Homes & Garden investment is expanded across a greater variety of relevant Meredith Network properties (within meal-specific channels) to drive the highest efficiency and reach

*Recipe creative has continued based on strong performance metrics, and seasonal recipe refreshes will be executed to keep messaging relevant and top-of-mind.


For more information on the USPB's Online Nutrition Campaign, please contact USPB Vice President, Domestic Marketing, Kathleen Triou at or (303) 873-2312 (direct), (303) 369-7783 (main) or (720) 225-0931 (efax).