Published online: Jun 03, 2011 Fungicide
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Web Exclusive

Focus on Potato, a nonprofit publication of the Plant Management Network, announces the launch of its latest webcast: "White Mold of Potato: Epidemiology and Management" by Dennis Johnson, Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist at Washington State University.

In addition to an overview of White Mold, this presentation will help consultants,
growers and other practitioners in the potato industry understand how white mold can be better managed by modifying the canopy environment and by timing control tactics based on the disease cycle.
The presentation also explains White Mold's cause and defines environmental and plant developmental factors that lead to White Mold's development.

Finally, this presentation includes representative color images of the disease
to help viewers with diagnosis. It will be available until July 31, 2011.

View this presentation at

Other presentations are available on the Focus on Potato website at