Published online: May 27, 2011
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Web Exclusive

The USPB Domestic Marketing staff is proud to present the full collection of "Potato Types and Tips with Katie Cavuto-Boyle" Video Series. You can simply click on the photo or the video title and the link will take you to, where all the videos are housed. We've also posted them on our YouTube Potato Goodness channel.

As a refresher from the USPB Annual Meeting, our industry has the opportunity to grow the potato category and to increase sales by highlighting popular uses for each basic type of potato. These videos were created to help "Linda" understand the unique qualities of each potato type. By understanding how to use the full category of potatoes, she's more likely to buy more types and to serve potatoes more often. We're sharing these videos with industry, media, retailers, registered dietitians and bloggers-really, anyone whose job is made easier with a tool like this.

Do you have a place you can post these videos? Your company website, perhaps? The USPB has the videos, so they are yours to use. Maybe it's just as easy to add a link? Remember, the more "Linda" knows about potatoes, the more likely she is to let's get these out there!