Published online: May 19, 2011 Potato Storage, Potato Harvesting, Seed Potatoes
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(WASHINGTON, D.C.-The potato industry's efforts to keep potatoes in school cafeterias received national attention this week when the Wall Street Journal published "Spuds, on the Verge of Being Expelled, Start a Food Fight in the Cafeteria" on the front page of their May 17 issue. This article got the attention of numerous news outlets. The Associated Press released "Lawmakers defend french fries as USDA limits spuds" on May 18, the article was picked up by print and online news sources across the country.

It also piqued the attention of Fox & Friends, the highest-rated morning cable newscast with roughly two million viewers, who interviewed John Keeling, NPC Executive Vice President and CEO, live on their show May 18. The segment was titled "Spuds on the Verge of Suspension." ABC News also picked up on the story and posted USDA Proposal Cuts Potatoes in Schools on their website.

USDA is currently in the process of analyzing the over 150,000 comments that were submitted in response to their proposed rule on the school breakfast and lunch programs, which limits the number of servings of potatoes per week.