Published online: Apr 09, 2011 Fertilizer
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Web Exclusive

WASHINGTON, D.C.-There's a new online resource aimed at helping growers boost yields, manage input costs and maintain soil health. The website, www.nutrientstewardship.com, is a collaborative effort of the fertilizer industry aimed at increasing awareness of 4R nutrient stewardship, a site-specific, scientific framework that addresses growers' use of the right fertilizer source at the right rate, the right time and the right place.

The 4R nutrient stewardship concept and website are a cooperative effort of The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI), the Canadian Fertilizer Institute (CFI) and the International Fertilizer Industry Association. The new site is designed to serve as an online clearinghouse for information on 4R-related tools and resources and will serve as the cornerstone for a multi-faceted nutrient stewardship initiative.

In addition to introducing site visitors to the 4R concept, the website offers information regarding a wide range of agronomic topics related to nutrient management, and provides a how-to guide for implementing the 4Rs on the farm.

Visit www.nutrientstewardship.com.