Published online: Mar 02, 2011 Irrigation
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Web Exclusive

Careful irrigation is required to avoid crop water stress and produce high-yielding,
high-quality potatoes. T
o help growers and consultants achieve this end, Focus on Potato, a crop science resource for growers and consultants in the potato industry, has published its latest webcast, titled "Early Season Irrigation Management of Potato."

This 56-minute presentation, authored by Howard Neibling, Professor of Biological

and Agricultural Engineering at the University of Idaho, explains a method of
pre-season irrigation planning to evaluate the adequacy of irrigation system
capacity under the viewer's specific climate and soil conditions for normal and
unusually high water-use years.

And for marginal or inadequate systems, suggestions are given for pre-season
equipment changes and water management strategies to produce a high yield and
quality potato crop.

The new webcast will be open access until April 30, 2011.

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