Published online: Feb 21, 2011 Potato Storage, Seed Potatoes
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Agriculture Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack appointed 36 producer members to serve on the National Potato Promotion Board for three-year terms that begin March 1, 2011, and end on Feb. 28, 2014.

"These appointees represent a cross section of the industry, and I am confident that potato producers will be well served by them," said Vilsack.

Reappointed members are: Jeff Gibson of Burley, Idaho; Bevan Jeppesen, Rexburg, Idaho; Ritchey Toevs, Aberdeen, Idaho; Keith Labrie, St. Agatha, Maine; Alan Moir, Woodland, Maine; Tom Wingard, Elk River, Minn.; Tom Campbell, Grafton, N.D.; Eric Halverson, Grand Forks, N.D.; Ben Tucker, Saint Thomas, N.D.; Chris Slagell, Hydro, Okla.; Molly Connors, Richland, Wash.; Rob Davis, Connell, Wash.; Greg Ebe, Custer, Wash.; Randy Mullen, Pasco, Wash.; Chris Olsen, Othello, Wash.; Ron Mach, Antigo, Wis.;.Reid Reimann, Pasco, Wash.; and Richard W. Okray, Plover, Wis.

Newly appointed members are: Prim Parker of Elkton, Fla.; Ken Burback, Center, Colo.; Steve S. Elfring, Idaho Falls, Idaho; Karlene Hardy, Oakley, Idaho; Raymond Matsuura, Blackfoot, Idaho; Douglas Ruff, Aberdeen, Idaho; Craig E. Searle, Burley, Idaho; Justin Dagen, Karlstad, Minn.; Carl Hoverson, Larimore, N.D.; Daniel George Chin, Klamath Falls, Ore.; Jan Kerns, Haines, Ore.; J. Bruce Barrett, Muleshoe, Texas; Leon R. Baker, Moses Lake, Wash.; Rex W. Calloway, Quincy, Wash.; Jody Easterday, Pasco, Wash.; Shawn Bula, Grand Marsh, Wis.; Rick Kantner, Madison, Wis.; and Michael M. Pink, Pasco, Wash.

Authorized under the 1971 Potato Research and Promotion Act, the National Potato Promotion Board is composed of producers, importers and a public member appointed by the Secretary. Producer members are nominated at state and local producer meetings and by mail ballot. Each state is entitled to at least one producer member, and additional members are allotted on the basis of the volume of production. Importer members are nominated by importers, and the number of members-up to a maximum of five-is related to the volume of imports.

The Potato Board administers an industry-funded national research and promotion program to increase U.S. exports and domestic potato consumption.