Published online: Dec 02, 2010 Potato Storage
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Chips continued to demonstrate positive year-over-year volume growth for the fifth consecutive quarter in supermarkets in third quarter 2010, according to Nielsen Scantrack.
Pounds and dollars were up, while prices fell 0.9 percent vs. YAGO. The largest volume growth was recorded in the Mountain region, up 6.8 percent. On a 52-week basis volume and dollars each increased 5 percent. Prices remained flat at $4.25 compared to the previous 52 -week period. Chips and dehy were the only groups to record volume gains vs. YAGO (up 4.7 percent and 0.2 percent respectively). Dollar trends were similar with losses recorded in fresh, dehy and frozen, and gains in chips and refrigerated. The greatest increase in dollars occurred in chips, up 3.7 percent. The greatest dollar losses were recorded in fresh, down 4.2 percent. Dollars in fresh fell despite a 1 percent increase in pricing, reported USPB.