Published online: Sep 14, 2010
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DENVER-Exports of U.S. potatoes and products for July 2009 through June 2010 (MY09/10) totaled 1,229,853 metric tons (MT) valued at $1,172,702,250.
This is a decline of 0.67 percent in volume and 2.69 percent in value from the previous year's record levels. On a fresh weight equivalent [1] basis, exports accounted for 53,074,809 hundredweight of U.S. potatoes leaving the country, or roughly 15 percent of total production. The slight decline in exports is mainly attributable to a 22 percent reduction in the volume of potato chip (mainly fabricated) exports and a 10 percent decline in the volume of frozen potato exports stemming from the 41 percent reduction to Mexico. The export volume of fresh potatoes was up 24 percent, while dehy volume increased 14 percent.