Published online: Sep 21, 2010 Potato Harvesting, Fungicide, Seed Potatoes
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New products were exhibited at the Potato Europe expo earlier this month, at Rittergut Bockerode in Germany.

Mantis showcased a new version of the MAFEX devices for the treatment of potatoes with germination inhibitors, fungicides and seed dressings. Based on the ULV technique of Mantis, the new MAFEX has an innovative electronic control system that allows an even easier and more comfortable operation of the devices and an efficient function control.

In addition, a nozzle monitoring with audible and visual alarm and an automatic cleaning function are integrated. When priming the system all functions of the MAFEX device are tested and the liquid is transported to the nozzle, so the application can start without delay then. During operation, the function of the nozzle is monitored and in case of a dysfunction an alarm is initiated.

The MAFEX device is operated using a dust-and water-repellent membrane keyboard. A large display shows-depending on the current menu-for example the status of the spray system, the set application rate or dysfunction. Especially in the case of disturbances there is no need to search for the cause of the problem because it can already be read on the display. An optional flow control is available so that in addition to the functions of the MAFEX device there is also a monitoring of flow of preparation or flushing water. If the container of the chemical is empty, the control unit initiates an alarm.

Also at the he PotatoEurope 2010 , Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik, manufacturer of agricultural machinery such as potato planters and harvesters, showed a lot of new equipment.
Here is an overview of what Grimme showed:
Potato Planting technology:
  1. The first official launch of the new 8-row folding planter with permission for road transport the GL 840 Compacta with a 4-ton bunker. The GL 840 Compacta combines the advantages of an agile and compact 4-row planter with the output of an 8-row planter.
  2. Demonstrating the new 4-row three-point linkage carried potato planter GL 420. This machine is equipped with new covering discs to ensure optimum ridge shaping. The new design of the furrow openers in combination with the shaping board ensures a constant planting depth with changing ground conditions and the reducing bunker weight. It is possible to combine the GL 420 with the Grimme Rotary Tilla RT 300 or a Lemken power harrow.

Harvesting Technology:

  1. Grimme presented the new 4-row self-propelled potato harvester TECTRON 410 with 10-tonne bunker, developed for high trash and haulm separation and where high yielding crops are to be harvested
  2. The 2-row trailed harvester SE 150-60 with 5.8-tonne overloading bunker in conjunction with the new XXL-separator giving higher output

Handling Equipment:

  1. Premiere of the new Grimme high-capacity receiving hopper out of the TH-series which is directly connected to the receiving hopper of the RH-series. For unloading the trailer to reduce the down times so the transport chain runs quicker.
  2. Grimme also demonstrated the new Store Loader SL 80-22 Quantum, 22 m long is one of the most efficient machines in its class. The unique Quantum-system ensures a better crop visibility flow at the intake area and gives a gentle crop transfer as compared with traditional situations.

Transport Technology:

  1. Grimme launches the six-wheeled Grimme Multitrailer 350 with a 35 m3 loading capacity. Fitted with wide tyres for reduced ground pressure ensures the most gentle intake, transport and transfer of the crop.
  2. The Multitrailer 190 with a 19 m3 loading capacity comes with a tandem axle and a hydraulically operated side wall to lower the height at the side. As an option is a high capacity unloading elevator giving gentle unloading of the Multitrailer at the side of the field onto a lorry. The emptying time of the harvester bunker is up to 30% more by filling directly into the Multitrailer.