Published online: Jul 14, 2010
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Web Exclusive

The USPB's "Peel Back the Truth" campaign launched online, April 5, with integrated advertising programs on www.AllRecipes.comand, the two most highly-trafficked recipe sites on the web. The integrated advertising program builds on the overall "Peel Back the Truth" campaign by debunking the myth that potato dishes take a long time to prepare. The campaign delivered impressive results and greatly exceeded industry standards throughout the eight-week online test.

--There were over 43,500 interactions with the Quick & Healthy Potato recipes. This includes nearly 37,800 recipe views and over 5,300 recipe print-outs.

--The ads on and produced very high click-through rates, with an average of 0.42 percent, four times that of the industry benchmark of 0.1 percent.

--The online ads drove engaged users to the site-the average visitor spent two minutes and 47 seconds on the site viewing the Quick & Healthy Potato recipes, compared to the industry average of one minute and 54 seconds.

Ads generated nearly 8 million impressions (exact impressions are 7,856,842).
These results indicate our messages, our creative and our selection of websites are the right combination to generate better than average ROI. They also indicate, by the number of recipe downloads generated, that our Quick & Healthy recipes are motivating to consumers. We cannot track the number of people who downloaded the recipe and then ultimately went to the store to buy the ingredients to prepare that recipe. However, it stands to reason that recipe download/printing leads to increased demand, and, thus, retail sales for potatoes.

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