Published online: Jul 19, 2010
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SPOKANE, Wash.-Northwest producers faced continued economic uncertainty and cool, wet growing conditions this spring. While dry land grain producers welcomed above average moisture, it slowed maturities for hay, row crops and tree fruits and lowered yields for hay and cherries in some cases. Volatility-whether market or weather driven-has increased the importance of risk management and cost control in producers' business plans. The following highlights depict the general health of select industries included in Northwest FCS Knowledge Center Market Snapshots, which are available at

Potatoes: Cool, wet weather has slowed progress of potato production throughout the Northwest. Crops are delayed 10 to 15 days in Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Anecdotal evidence suggests 2010 potato acres will be at or slightly below 2009 total acres. As of June 24, year-to-date seed shipments are down, a potential indication of fewer planted fall potato acres.