Published online: Jul 29, 2010
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Findings just released from a recent study conducted by ConAgra Foods reports 75 percent of Americans have been cooking more meals at home during the past year, and intend to continue doing so. While this is good news for food retailers, it points up a real opportunity for the potato industry.

Many of the consumers surveyed by ConAgra reported positive aspects to all that home-cooking. More than two-thirds of respondents (68 percent) said cooking has brought their family together and 61 percent stated they were enjoying cooking more than previously. Among younger consumers (ages 18-34), the impact has been even more pronounced:  81 percent felt cooking increases quality family time and is bringing their family closer together and 75 percent reported enjoying cooking more.

Potatoes are well-positioned to benefit as this behavior continues. ConAgra's study reported half of Americans (52 percent) say they expect to cook more in the coming year than they did last year; this rises to 72 percent among study respondents ages 18-34. And cooking more meals at home is encouraging younger consumers to become more adventurous in the kitchen, with 71 percent reporting they have started cooking new dishes (although 59 percent confess that they don't always know what they are doing!), creating the perfect opportunity for potatoes to make major inroads with this consumer segment.