Published online: May 19, 2010
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Web Exclusive

DENVER-The USPB's "Peel Back the Truth" online advertising campaign launched April 5 with integrated advertising programs on AllRecipes.com and MyRecipes.com, the two most highly-trafficked recipe sites on the web. These programs build on the overall "Peel Back the Truth" campaign by debunking the myth that potato dishes take a long time to prepare.

"The first five-weeks of the campaign have delivered very impressive results and greatly exceeded industry standards," said Kathleen Triou, USPB Domestic Marketing Vice President. "Over 20,500 interactions with the "Quick & Healthy Potato Recipes" have taken place. This includes over 23,800 recipe views and over 3,200 recipe print-outs."
The ads on AllRecipes.com and MyRecipes.com are also producing very high click-through rates with an average 0.38 percent. This greatly exceeds, by nearly 4 times, the advertising industry standard average of 0.1 percent.

These online ads are driving very engaged users to the above depicted landing page, a linked page to the potato goodness website-which was specially designed for this advertising test. This landing page is only accessible through the AllRecipes.com and MyRecipes.com ads which ensure our tracking statistics are driven exclusively by the ads run.

The average visitor is spending nearly three minutes on the site viewing the Quick & Healthy Potato recipes. The advertising industry average is nearly two minutes-so users are spending up to a minute longer at the new landing page.

The USPB "Peel Back the Truth" online advertising campaign runs through May 30, so these numbers will only improve as the campaign continues to build momentum. Final results on this online advertising campaign will be reported later this summer.