Published online: Apr 08, 2010
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Web Exclusive
The University of Idaho has updated the previously available Potato GAP Audit Organizational Manual. The UI manual is designed to simplify the collection of information necessary to pass the USDA GAP Audit and is now available for download at the UI Kimberly R&E Potato Storage
In November of 2009 the USDA replaced the May 11, 2007 version of their Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) & Good Handling Practices (GHP) Audit Verification Checklist. The new version has three major changes:
1) new identification of records, policy or documentation requirements
2) new numbering, wording or point values for previously asked questions, and
3) the addition of new questions and traceability questions were added to each section. The updated UI GAP Audit Organizational Manual incorporated these changes into the newest version and this manual will be useful in preparing for the 2010 GAP Audit.