Published online: Apr 15, 2010
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StollerUSA customers have long claimed a visible and yield difference in their crops when Stoller's Plant Performance products-like Bio-Forge-are used. Now Stoller is developing a poster calendar that will reflect just that.
StollerUSA is looking for amazing crop photos and Stoller success stories for entry in the 2011 StollerUSA calendar contest. Judges will select a total of 12 stories/photographs from the 2010 growing season to be published-one for each month. The Grand Prize winner will receive a $500 cash prize.
The foundation of the Stoller technology is Bio-Forge, a stress reducer in plants. Put to the test by hundreds of growers and over 50 universities, Bio-Forge, enhances the yield in a healthy crop and helps stressed crops overcome yield-limiting factors. It is proven to suppress the excess ethylene that hinders crop yield.
The return on investment from Bio-Forge more than offsets application costs. And real farmers who have applied Stoller products to their crop management programs have reaped the benefits by improving plant health, while adding to their bottom lines. These are the kind of results and stories that will comprise the next StollerUSA calendar.
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