Published online: Apr 06, 2010
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Web Exclusive
During the recent Snaxpo 2010, Sally Lyons Wyatt of Information Resources, Inc., presented the State of the Snack Food Industry report.
Budget-focused consumers, some 84 percent of which grocery shop with a list, are increasingly turning to snack foods to help them stay well (83 percent).
Currently, 40 percent of consumers are seeking to purchase snack foods that offer attributes beyond basic nutrition. Overall, 81 percent hope to avoid costly medical bills by eating foods that are healthful, about 65 percent are eating specific foods to lose weight and 61 percent are eating to manage a specific health condition. About 74 percent of consumers are trying to eat healthier.
Although health is a rising priority for the snack food consumer, price remains paramount. About 80 percent of consumers look for the best value while purchasing snacks, and 26 percent are seeking to make snack food purchases last longer.
Approximately 31 percent of consumers are snacking less often.
Nearly 42 percent are reducing the amount of money they spend on snacks and 22 percent eliminated unplanned snack purchases.