Published online: Apr 09, 2010
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EAGLE, ID-Amateur videographer and film critic Kevin McGill, Jr. combined his video prowess and passion for Idaho potatoes to turn the IPC's popular retail advertising campaign, "Comic Book Hero," into a series of eight lively, engaging 60-second vignettes. A dramatic narration accompanied by ominous music sets the perfect tone for bringing to life retail produce heroes who rely on Idaho potatoes to "save the day."

"The IPC creates multiple marketing pieces like bobble heads, posters and coasters to build upon its retail advertising campaigns. "Kevin's videos have provided yet another way for retailers, and now consumers, to enjoy this successful series of ads," said Seth Pemsler, Vice President, Retail/International, IPC. "We think the videos are great."

The producer of the vignettes is the video department manager at Price-Cutter Food Warehouse in Cabot, Ark. "I saw the comic books and couldn't resist bringing them to life. They are a lot of fun-I love the mustached evil villain and damsel in distress rescue scenes," said McGill. "The Idaho potato retailer comics are classic and deserve an epic dramatic reading."

Each of the "Comic Book" videos took about 30 minutes for McGill to produce. He admitted that Episode 8, "False Identity," was the most difficult because he needed to spend extra time on the voice-over-disguising the villain's voice to sound like the produce manager's voice. McGill has been producing videos for about one year. All eight videos can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/user/TMNTJSTR.